Content Services

Harmonia is one of Ireland’s most successful content creation and communications companies.

Harmonia currently dominates content creation and marketing to Irish women with the top three women’s magazine brands in the country – Irish Tatler, U Magazine and Woman’s Way. With each of these brands it has leveraged reader loyalty to create promotional content for key partners and created a range sub-brands across a variety of platforms – the Irish Tatler Academy, Irish Tatler Man, the Ultimate Girl’s Day Out, the Woman’s Way Mum of the Year awards, to name but a few.

Harmonia works with several leading companies and government agencies – Bank of Ireland, the ESB, HSE, Dundrum Town Centre, the K Club, Department of the Taoiseach among many others – bringing its skills as content creators and marketers to meet clear corporate objectives.

Key to Harmonia’s success in content creation, marketing and delivery is its understanding of how to connect a specific tone of voice – through words, images, design and delivery – to a target audience and sustain that audience’s engagement, building loyalty, trust and emotional connection. Harmonia understands too how to curate content for different platforms – print, digital, social media and events – while retaining a distinct and specific tone of voice appropriate to the audience.